About Us

Compression Dynamics, LLC was founded in 2007 and is located in Omaha, Nebraska.


  • Designs and sells Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC) knitted textiles for the prevention and treatment of all types of swelling / edema / lymphedema, venous stasis dermatitis and arterial ischemia.
  • Supplies customers with an affordable and functionally superior product at a price that is affordable. Easy to don and doff.
  • Provides excellent customer service, offering customers quality edema recovery and prevention wear that is both affordable and more comfortable than anything else on the market!
  • EdemaWear® impacts the skin physiology like no other compression garment. It is well tolerated during hot weather, and by debilitated patients.
  • Pre-market studies included over 5,000 EdemaWear® units in more than 800 patients. EdemaWear® was used in non-controlled trials. All observations are anecdotal.