New Compression Textile
Faster Relief/ Improved Therapy


  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cool in hot weather
  • Inexpensive and affordable


knee-lengthEdemaWear® stockinet utilizes a new textile technology, Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC), which appears to be superior to existing compression products in controlling swelling. Wales (fuzzy corduroy-like material) create a fuzzy nexus with the skin to deliver effective compression of the subcutaneous fat and to move water back to the heart. EdemaWear® is made from Medical Grade Lycra Spandex and Nylon. It is Latex Free.


Clinical Trials Suggest EdemaWear®

  • legControls swelling of all types:
    • Decreases lymphedema by enhancing lymphatic and venous function in the subcutaneous fat;
    • After lymph node removal resulting in extremity edema (ie: after surgery for breast cancer or melanoma);
    • In congestive heart failure – a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood effectively leading to lower extremity edema;
    • Treats inflamed skin (dermatitis) due to venous insufficiency – a condition where the veins of the lower extremity cannot return blood to the heart.
  • Enhances wound healing in surgical and traumatic wounds of the extremities.
  • Enhances the clearing of venous stasis pigment in chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Hastens the reabsorption of traumatic bruises.
  • Improves the late cosmetic appearance of skin grafts.
  • Improves perfusion and healing of swollen ischemic extremities.

A New Technology – Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC)


 fuzzy-wale-elastic-compression Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC) is the clinical term to explain the textile physiology. Wales go up and down the extremity. Between the wales, medical Lycra® spandex elastic yarn provides compression. There is non-compressed skin between each wale with patent lymphatic vessels.
 cornrow-furrow-arm Over time, the wales impresses into the skin creating a “cornrow” furrow. In each cornrow furrow, tissue compression is high enough to be physiologically useful.


EdemaWear® has six advantages over existing compression garments:

  1. EdemaWear® is easy to put on and take off. Donning and doffing traditional compression textiles can be impossible with traditional “tight” compression products.
  2. EdemaWear® is comfortable. It is cool in hot weather. The spaces between the fuzzy wales allow for perspiration to evaporate.
  3. EdemaWear® is inexpensive. Since Medicare and other insurances do not reimburse for compression products, EdemaWear is an enormous financial advantage for patients.
  4. Users report a “sense of comfort” while wearing EdemaWear®. It enhances lymphatic function leading to a decreased inflammatory sensation at the level of the skin.
  5. EdemaWear® melts away lower extremity swelling.
  6. Clinical observations show that EdemaWear® treats the dermatitis of venous insufficiency. Venous stasis dermatitis is the result of deoxygenated blood that “poisons” skin. Stasis dermatitis heals because wales focus compression at the skin level. Wales deliver physiologically useful compression to the subcutaneous fat.

U.S. Pat.No.
8,034,013; 8,641,653; 9,259,373
Patent Pending in Canada
WIPO/PCT# WO 2014/144790A1